Who We Are

QUEST shall deliver educational programs primarily for the Pre-K through 12 student community as well as technical programs for adults. Our programs will be internationally accredited and will comply with local regulatory requirements for educational establishments focusing on Environmental Awareness and Sustainability, Information Technology, Performing Arts and Languages

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Primary school (PreK & K)

When students are at the center of learning, curiosities are piqued, minds flourish, and character is developed.Learn More »

Elementary School (Grades1-4)

In alignment with the QUEST mission, our Elementary School program (grades 1-4) is designed to provide a student-centered, college preparatory educationLearn More »

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

The Middle School is a community of students, parents and teachers who work together in the classrooms, studios, band room, science labs, courts and fields.Learn More »

Preparatory School (Grades 9-12)

The QUEST Preparatory School, serves students in 9th-12th grade via the school’s rich diversity which is reinforced by a culture where….Learn More »

College Guidance Counseling

Our college and guidance counselors tailor the college admission process to help each student and their families navigate their college search and find the best match.Learn More »

After school & enrichment programs

QUEST offers after school extended care programs and enrichment classes during the academic yearLearn More »


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